Having completed over 10 years of professional services, METRO GROUP has now renamed itís Design Division as the ARCHENICS Design Studio to form an association of Architects, Engineers and Environment Experts who share a passion for design excellence and fulfillment of client goals in all aspects of real estate development. As an international design firm, we provide inspirational innovation and exceptional service across a broad range of markets from Town Planning, Commercial, Residential, Office, Retail, Health-Care, Industrial, Hospitality and Resort facilities. Our staff has multi-disciplinary background comprising architecture, sustainable urban design, town planning, civil engineering, destination development, and infrastructure planning, implementation and project management services. Metro Group thus has the experience to deliver successful projects that are attractive, cost effective and well adapted to the site. The high percentage of repeat commission demonstrates that ARCHENICS is extremely responsive to client goals and values.

ARCHENICS provides innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions that not only meets the functional and spatial requirements but at the same time, create an environment that enhances the professional performance and the lives of the occupants.


ARCHENICS was founded on the belief that to be recognized as a trend setter, a company must think and act differently than what is normally expected of an architecture engineering services company. It shows in the way we endeavor in the process; the value we add to projects and the commitment to envision unique Design-Engineering solutions. To us, we envision much more than structures. Every day what we do for our clients is to develop concepts and ideas to build success . . in essence we work to build PRIDE.