Our Mission IS TO EXCEL. We want to be the best with trend setting operations. Successful projects require the finest team you can bring together. We're confident you'll find that team at the ARCHENICS. Where the confines of ordinary architecture ends . . .

. . . ARCHENICS begins!

By collaborating with local team of consultants, we form part of a leading multidisciplinary consultancy employing 1,200 plus professionals from around the world. Our architects and urban designers work seamlessly alongside structural and civil engineers, environmental consultants, lighting consultants, Energy efficiency modelers, Engineering Professionals, hydrologists and many more construction industry experts. With this breadth and depth of skills within our multinational network, we are able to deliver truly outstanding design solutions. Intelligent Design Solutions that set us apart!

ARCHENICS formerly known as METRO GROUP brings a top-notch design and engineering team to the table on every project, a team that consists of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing complete client satisfaction. Our staff is committed to a "Personalized Design Approach", which is tailored around the functional and aesthetic needs of each client. Our first priority for every project is to Listen to our clients, in order to become sensitized to the owner's goals.

We view each project as a unique partnership with our client in which both parties contribute their best resources towards the realization of a common goal. This hands-on design and service approach has been the key to our success in delivering projects on time and within budget