ARCHENICS, an exclusive design division of Metro Group with an office in North America located in Orlando Florida USA and a branch office at the firms’ Asia-Pacific office located in prestigious mind-space complex at Malad West Mumbai, India. These modest offices are complimented by multi disciplinary full-time professionals based overseas providing their expertise on a regular basis. Asian project teams include team members from our USA office who directly participate through travel and virtual connectivity based on the project requirements and team-member expertise. This is especially crucial at the front end of any given project, when the critical decisions are established. As the project progresses into detailed design phase, these senior experts maintain project involvement through periodic visits or online teleconferences.

Through collaborative initiatives in effect within ARCHENICS USA, we regularly have international professionals visiting our Mumbai office for participation with our Asia Pacific and India projects. To cater to the needs of designing lifestyles modeled after the success of the western world, ARCHENICS has put together the finest teams, bringing their design expertise to the Indian Marketplace. In addition with our collaboration ties with USA based experts and consultants we have established relationships with other local similarly positioned specialty consultants to compliment our international standard of service.

Global Presense